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22 Dec 2021 Update:
My photo has been published on 
A Trip to Antarctica – A Cloudy Solar Eclipse but Sunny Days of Animals By CRAIG J HORSLEY

18 Dec 2021 Update: add Story and Eclipse Chasing page

Hello, Eclipse -Total Solar Eclipse-


A total solar eclipse - the complete disappearance of the sun –

provides humanity with a powerful moment to reconnect with its origin.

People have always experienced both the fear of death and the joy of life within these natural phenomena.


When confronted with these overwhelming events, some weep and some pray. I roar.

illed with a feeling of being pushed into the universe.

I would like to explore the mysteries of the universe through the prism of total solar eclipses and provoke questioning of the concepts of “Day” and “Night” which we take for granted.


Photographer Takayuki Arai  





Hello, Eclipse -Total Solar Eclipse-





写真家 荒井隆之

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